What to watch on Tuesday: ‘Pamela, a Love Story’ premieres on Netflix


Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (PBS at 8) Brian Cox and Viola Davis explore their lineages for the first time.

Night Court (NBC at 8) With help from Abby, Dan wades back into the bumpy dating scene; while on the hunt for a new office, Gurgs and Olivia find something unexpected.

The Rookie (ABC at 8) Officer John Nolan and Bailey search for a shooter; Aaron struggles to live on a budget; Wesley begins to believe that a judge is taking bribes.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox at 8) A woman trapped in her mobile home is in desperate need of help; Owen runs into a former nemesis; Tommy turns to Grace for dating advice.

The Rookie: Feds (ABC at 9) A billionaire announces a massive reward for the safe return of his missing daughter, making the FBI concerned; Garza’s ex-wife drops by for a surprise visit.

The Winchesters (CW at 9) Carlos gets the gang to investigate why vampires have moved into Lawrence; John gets a terrifying look into the future; Mary struggles with what to do with John.

Accused (Fox at 9:01) A teen suspects the worse when he learns that his mother’s former hospice worker is now dating his father.

Will Trent (ABC at 10) Will investigates the murder of the wife of a local football hero in an apparent robbery gone wrong; Angie and Ormewood look into the murder of a local real estate agent.

Cunk On Earth (Netflix) Philomena Cunk shows the trajectory of humanity in this mockumentary that traces the history of civilization.

Pamela, a Love Story (Netflix) Pamela Anderson tells her story in this documentary that utilizes home videos, diary entries and television interviews.

Copenhagen Cowboy: Nightcall with Nicolas Winding Refn (Netflix) “Copenhagen Cowboy” creator Nicolas Winding Refn and his team explain how they brought the story to life.

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang (Food at 9) In hopes to cement her father’s faith in her vision, Kathy plans a surprise block party for her father’s restaurant; tension between Long and Lillian forces Kathy’s hand.

Tonight Show/Fallon (NBC at 11:34) Dave Bautista, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Bryan Adams.

Late Show/Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Jessica Chastain, Jay Shetty.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC at 11:35) Pamela Anderson, Mike Lindell, Fall Out Boy.

Late Late Show/Corden (CBS at 12:37) Sally Field, Scott Caan, Måneskin.

Late Night/Meyers (NBC at 12:37) Terry Crews, Rupert Grint, Rian Johnson, Keio Stroud.

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