What ‘The Last of Us’ means for TV

Since January, millions of viewers have tuned into HBO every Sunday night to watch the latest episode of “The Last of Us.” It’s set in a post-pandemic America that has been ravaged by a viral fungus that turns people into zombies, and follows the characters of Joel and Ellie played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. 

One unusual aspect of the show is how closely it mirrors the 2013 Playstation game of the same name that it’s based on – something reporter Gene Park said has contributed to its success. But what’s really resonating with viewers, Park said, is the show’s emphasis on character development, not zombies. 

“The real trick of ‘The Last of Us’ is that it makes you think it’s a zombie show. And it’s actually a very, very emotional and melodramatic drama,” Park said. 

Gene Park joins Post Reports today to talk about why “The Last of Us” is a hit with TV audiences and gamers, and why Hollywood is becoming more interested in video games.

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