Tom Brady sand from retirement video listed on eBay auction at $99K

A steep price for sand.

One eager eBay seller is looking to cash in following Tom Brady’s second, and most likely final, retirement announcement on Wednesday.

The Florida beach sand where Brady ended his iconic 23-year NFL career was listed for sale on eBay and is listed for at least $99K with 124 bids as of Saturday morning.

“Bid for 1 of 2 samples taken from Tom Brady’s exact retirement spot on Feb. 1, 2023,” the listing reads.

According to the Miami Herald, Brady made his announcement from Surfside Beach in Miami — near where he lived with his then-wife Gisele Bündchen.

The bidding war began Thursday when the user listed the sand at $677 in honor of Brady’s total career touchdowns. The auction is set to end on Feb. 12 at 2:43 p.m. (EST).

Over the past few days, the bidding skyrocketed from its original price to $15K before reaching nearly $100k on Saturday morning.
As of Saturday morning, the bidding has stalled at $99k with 8 days left.

The seven-time Super Bowl Champ retired with 649 passing touchdowns and 28 rushing touchdowns in his lengthy career, according to 

The seller, who notes that the sand was collected hours after Brady’s retirement video, revealed the highest bidder will receive one of the two 8oz mason jars they collected.

Photo proof is provided in the listing, and the seller says video proof of the sand being collected is available upon request.

Sand that Tom Brady sat in during retirement video hits eBay at absurd price.
Tom Brady announced his retirement on Wednesday after playing 23 seasons in the NFL.

“You will find no other listing like this,” the seller assures bidders in the listing. “No one else took a sample on Feb. 1 after the GOAT posted his real retirement. You will be owning the very land the GOAT retired on.”

The eBay seller, Gadgetgs, who is charging an extra $5.25 for shipping and is not accepting returns, has a polished seller rating of 100% with 487 ratings.

Since the listing went up, other listings ranging from $1 to $19K attempted to follow suit in hopes of earning a payday.

Tom Brady sand.
While some are jumping at the chance to bid, others remain skeptical about the sand’s authenticity and price.

While some may be ready to throw their cold hard cash on the line for a potential piece of NFL history, others across social media are skeptical.

“Whoever the idiot that buys this sand $90,000 doesn’t deserve $90,000,” said one Twitter user.

“Come on man $90,000 for sand from Tom Brady who would be this Stupid,” another tweeted.

“There are about 20 others on eBay now with exact same photo ripped off and different state pickup locations lol how dumb are people. Also, if you want it..just FLY to Tampa,” another Twitter user tweeted.

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