Hounding for the Bassetts on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7

Welcome back, Robin Dixon shouts with her life coach from last year, as she now pulls herself off the couch and from high-functioning depression, into a woman with a brand new spirit in her now brand new step.

Yes, it shows and proves how she is involved with the rest of the cast and her best friend Gizelle. So far with her, she has been much less passive. Her confessional look, extensions and all, is one of the best she’s had in all seven seasons of The Real Housewives of Potomac to date.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7
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We begin the episode by picking up season 7 right where we left off in The Real Housewives of Potomac season 6 episode.

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Gizelle confronts the nuances of a cancer scare with Mia. Here’s my question: “So I got my pathology report back and it turned out that the mass in my lung was cancerous?” What is Gizelle going to do if Mia responds? Do you back off your immediate confrontational accusations that attract attention? That’s the danger of your abrasive delivery — it makes for a great scene on camera, but in a way, it’s really poor relationship building, especially when, as Mia’s longtime friend Jacqueline attests, she’s actually going through an ongoing cancer health scare and repeated pathology tests.

To be honest, I’m not going to suppress the confusion — in real time, people were just as confused on social media — and provided Bravo’s history of overblown or manipulated health scares speculation by the Real Housewives franchises.

This is natural at this point. But the method is key, and it’s clear that the goal isn’t curiosity, but the punishment of Mia to expose her bad behavior.

But Mia is not as innocent as you might think here. Her ego and hubris continue to be her Achilles’ heel, as evidenced by her use of unsavory turns of phrases such as “I’m honestly proud to be the chosen one.

” I won’t deny that Mia came up from the trenches and had a hell of a story, but, chosen for what, exactly? Monkey sound voiceovers? She recently took to Twitter to reveal a now-deleted video imploring Jacqueline, proudly talking about her 20-year relationship with Jacqueline, going back to high school, only to find out they’re currently on the outs.

Violence, an indictment of castmates Candies and Wendy. I was also surprised that she bragged about opening her 16th chiropractic facility.

When Karen approaches Mia to give her a heads-up about her running scene, Mia takes the gesture at least generously.

Karen wanted to prepare her for a confrontation, not cover herself. Mia is great at playing housewives and understands the need to roll with the punches, her mean girl antics and delusions make me wonder how she’s managed to sustain long relationships this long in real life. Exaggerated personality.

After we’re freed from the party, the rest of the episode is table-setting, followed by another incoherent speech from Karen. These pieces are cleverly placed to set up an already anticipated rivalry on reality blogs, podcasts, and Chris himself on Twitter in late-night rants: Gizelle vs. Candace and Chris.

The Bassetts are in transition: Both their careers are finally gaining momentum, but they have a lack of availability when they start considering family planning.

Not to be obvious, but Candiace needs her sister’s help right now to keep her plant alive, and Chris has three other kids they’re co-parenting, so how are they going to slow down and add another child to this busy mix when they’re struggling to find time for each other? Wish them well, but they’re going to have some more conversations on this.

By this time, Gizelle’s wheels were already in motion. The newly separated Ashley began to dress less and go out more. She posted an Instagram story while out with her girl in the park on the 14th — the default spot for black people in DC on a Saturday night after a brunch day party at Ojio’s — and Chris responded to it at 2:42 a.m., telling her they should have come to W. He’s just promoting his stage, but Ashley, as he starts talking to Candiace, doesn’t know that yet and leaves the reading feeling a little uneasy and unsure of how to react. Thankfully, Robyn Dixon informs her that Chris works at W and it’s no big deal.

To smartly cover her bases — not all wives feel the same way about their husbands — she meets Candiace one-on-one and says she’s surprised by the interaction, but Robyn Dixon clears the air for her. Candace doesn’t sincerely agree with Ashley’s clarification, but they have a good night, and she plans to join Ashley’s heels dance class later. Hopefully, they continue on this optimistic note.

Unfortunately for Candiace, Robyn had already debriefed on the conversation with Gizelle, who decided that the real takeaway from the interaction was that Chris was a boundary pusher. Even though Ashley already understands the situation herself, Gizelle pulls out that wisdom in the same way that Gizelle jumps between patches of hair to style her tiger-striped wig in her confessional, which is a very “hand-blown glass salesman in New Mexico.”

It’s reminiscent of last season’s reunion when Gizelle suggested that Chris put her in a bad mood by being alone with her drunk in her room about Candace.

The story is pretty incoherent (and may change later) but I like to call back to last season when production kept making a point about Chris drinking and zooming in on the steady glass in his hand; It’s been a slow build since last season that is now paying off for Gizelle.

Crafting a story of Candace’s invisible “bad optics” is a strategic and scheming task, and Robyn Dixon immediately expresses her suspicions to her friend, but she doesn’t come down as harshly as she did on exposing Juan Dixon. No credit issues on the deed to their home.

We are only two episodes in and already have two “to-be-continued” endings. Potomac is going full steam ahead. Until next week.

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