Taylor Swift can ‘swing the election’: Bill Maher warns MAGA supporters to be careful

Bill Maher Show: ‘She could get so many people who are not registered,’

Bill Maher Show: 'She could get so many people who are not registered,'

“Real Time” host Bill Maher believes that music superstar Taylor Swift could have a significant impact on the outcome of the election in favor of President Biden.

“I’ve been hesitant to treat Taylor Swift as a major news story, but I swear to God – after all my years of experience in this field, she could truly sway the election,” Maher said during a panel discussion on Friday night. “I’m not sure what this says about our country, but I would advise the MAGA supporters to tread carefully when criticizing her because she is someone who goes beyond party lines.”

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“I mean, this is a girl from the countryside, right? She began her career as a country artist, a White girl from Pennsylvania, I believe, who grew up on a farm, right? Never had a Black boyfriend – I’m just saying… She’s had plenty of boyfriends that are well-known! If MAGA is filled with racists, they must love that!” Maher joked. He added that she’s dating an NFL player in a “league that’s 80% Black. She couldn’t find one there?!”

He continued, “I’m just saying, this is someone you could stir up trouble with if you attack them, especially for MAGA. Trump’s supporters are already registered and voting for him. Her supporters might not even be registered yet. And she doesn’t even have to reveal who she’s voting for! All she has to do is encourage people to register. They’ll figure out who she supports… So I think she could be a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened.”

“Girl Land” author Caitlan Flanagan appeared more skeptical about how much influence Swift holds over the electorate despite being an “amazing young woman.”

“I just don’t know anyone who hasn’t already decided who they’re voting for in this election, regardless of who it is,” Flanagan said.


“She could potentially reach so many people who aren’t registered to vote,” Maher responded. “That demographic is the one that remains untapped.”

“And, you know, go, Taylor,” Maher cheered on the artist.

Fresh off her Grammy win for Album of the Year, Swift is anticipated to attend Sunday’s Super Bowl to support her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Their relationship has garnered significant attention throughout the NFL season.

Reportedly, the Biden campaign is seeking Swift’s endorsement for the 2024 election, following her endorsement of him in 2020. However, many conservatives have advised the star to steer clear of politics, cautioning that supporting Biden could alienate a significant portion of the country and potentially harm her brand.

Meanwhile, Maher has been becoming more pessimistic about Biden’s prospects against former President Trump in November, asserting that Biden is the only Democrat who would lose to him.

During Friday’s show, he resurrected his “Ruth Bader Biden” analogy in light of the explosive report released by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

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