Shaye Groves butchered boyfriend, showed pal dead body: prosecutors

A British woman with an interest in serial killers is accused of viciously stabbing her boyfriend to death and then giggling over his corpse during a video chat.

Shaye Groves is currently on trial for the July 17 murder of her lover, Frankie Fitzgerald, 25.

Jurors at Winchester Crown Court heard this week how the mother-of-one allegedly knifed Fitzgerald 22 times in his sleep, the Daily Mail reported.

According to prosecutors, Groves, 27, was “obsessed” with Fitzgerald’s “performance in the bedroom,” and attacked him at her home a jealous rage after she discovered he was exchanging messages with a 13-year-old girl.

Groves’ former friend, Vikki Baitup, testified that the accused killer video called her after the attack, and that she was “giggling away.”

Frankie Fitzgerald died from 22 stab wounds.
Frankie Fitzgerald died from 22 stab wounds.
Frankie Fitzgerald-Facebook

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Baitup claimed that Groves pointed the camera at Fitzgerald’s body and said “I’ve done him,” the Daily Mail reported.

Baitup subsequently telephoned the police, who arrived at Groves’ home to find an “incredibly strong” smell of bleach in the bedroom.

In addition to Baitup’s testimony, jurors learned details about the Groves and Fitzgerald’s sex life, which reportedly involved bondage, dominance, submission and masochism– including “knife play” with Groves’ four decorative blades.

In a letter read to the court, Groves gave Fitzgerald written permission to “wake [her] up through sexual intercourse from the date of 22 March until further notice.”

Shaye Groves claims she killed Fitzgerald in self-defense.
Shaye Groves claims she killed Fitzgerald in self-defense.
Shaye Groves-facebook

Groves apparently filmed the couple’s sex acts on a camera in her bedroom. Baitup testified that she had used similar footage to blackmail previous boyfriends.

“She compiles evidence against everyone to see how she can use them as leverage,” Baitup said of Groves, who she remembered was “not shy” about her unique sex life.

Baitup also spoke of Groves’ history of violence, stating that she once attacked a former roommate with nail clippers.

Shaye Groves' trial remains ongoing.
Shaye Groves’ trial remains ongoing.
Shaye Groves-facebook

In addition to her checkered past, Groves had a soft-spot for serial killers.

Images published by the Daily Mail this week show the accused’s bedroom wall adorned with framed portraits of infamous killers including Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Myra Hindley.

Groves, whose trial is ongoing, has denied the murder charges, and claims that she acted in self-defense.

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