The House Republicans are pushing to rename the DC International Airport after Trump

Reschenthaler: ‘In my lifetime, our nation has never been greater than under the leadership of President Donald J Trump’.

A group of House Republicans is proposing to rename Washington, DC International Airport in honor of former President Trump.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., along with six co-sponsors, seeks to rename the airport as Trump International Airport.

Reschenthaler stated, “I believe that during President Donald J. Trump’s tenure, our nation reached unparalleled heights. Renaming the airport as Trump International Airport would serve as a powerful symbol of freedom, prosperity, and strength as travelers arrive on American soil.”

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The proposal aims to create a lasting tribute to Trump’s presidency, with supporters emphasizing the significance of the name change for both domestic and international travelers passing through the airport.

Legislative text obtained by US Newzs Digital on Monday revealed that, if approved, the bill would rename the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia to the “Donald J. Trump International Airport.”

trump at DC international airport

The bill specifies that all references to the airport in any U.S. law, regulation, map, document, paper, or record would be changed to reflect its new name.

The brief bill, backed by Reps. Michael Waltz, R-Fla.; Andy Ogles, R-Tenn.; Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn.; Paul Gosar, R-Ariz.; Barry Moore, R-Ala.; and Troy Nehls, R-Texas, according to, aims to honor former President Trump by renaming the airport after him.

The bill faces slim prospects of being considered by the Democrat-controlled Senate. However, if it were to pass, it would mark the second instance of a D.C.-area airport being named after a Republican president, following the renaming of the National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in 1998.

Barry Moore expressed his support for the renaming, stating, “In 1998, Congress renamed the National Airport in Washington after one of our great presidents, Ronald Reagan. It is only fitting that we would do the same for another one of our greatest presidents, Donald J. Trump, especially as he stands against the onslaught of weaponized government to fight for Americans like us.”

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler

Paul Gosar echoed similar sentiments, saying, “I can see no more fitting recognition than naming both airports in our nation’s capital after America’s two best presidents: DCA after President Reagan and Dulles after President Trump.”

Dulles is a bustling international hub crucial for the travel of lawmakers and other Washington officials, especially for airlines and routes not available at Reagan, which is smaller than its Loudoun County counterpart.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Dulles ranked 33rd out of 764 U.S. airports in passenger traffic in 2023. With both domestic and international travel combined, approximately 25 million passengers passed through Dulles last year.

Additionally, according to the website Air Advisor, Dulles is the fourth-largest airport in the United States in terms of land area.

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