NYC is a ghost town as dangerously cold arctic blast strikes

New Yorkers are brr-acing for a cold snap.

Manhattan was a ghost town Friday as a dangerous Arctic blast descended on the city — with only a handful of brave souls shivering through their outdoor jobs or die-hard workout routines.

“I can’t feel my cheeks,” said Dalilah Negrete, a 26-year-old Upper West Side attorney, who was “cooling down” after a 9-mile run in Central Park.

“I wore two layers on my bottoms, two layers on the top, and a hat. It does help, I can’t feel my legs right now, either — but it does help.”

Temperatures plunged into the low-20s on Friday afternoon. The mercury was forecast to hit a low of 9 degrees, with a wind chill feel of negative 10, over the weekend.

Diony Rodríguez, a 33-year-old pedicab driver, said other rickshaw workers had skipped their shifts for the day because few tourists wanted to be outside in the frigid weather.

“It’s so cold, but we’re here because we have to, I have three kids,” said Rodríguez, who sells rides in Central Park. “It’s a tough day.”

A woman is bundled up, wearing a hat and her face covered.
New Yorkers braced themselves for temperatures in the single digits.
Robert Miller for NY Post

He added, “[There’s] not a lot of foot traffic today.”

Pictured are dogs in sweaters with their dog walkers bundled up as well.
Even the dogs of NYC had to layer up.
Robert Miller for NY Post

Claudia Nuñez, a 43-year-old dog walker, said the nine pooches she had on leash were all suited up in matching sweaters to fight the bitter cold.

“We’re all covered up today, everyone has their coats because it’s super super cold,” said Nuñez, who said she too had layered up. “I dressed today, more or less, with 3 jackets,” she said.

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