NJ school chief blames Adriana Kuch’s suicide on dad’s ‘affair’

A New Jersey school superintendent shifted blame for 14-year-old Adriana Kuch’s death onto the bullied teen and her devastated dad — claiming the youngster used drugs, and that her father’s “affair” led to her inner turmoil.

When asked what school services were provided to Adriana before she took her own life days after she was beaten at school, superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides babbled on about the grieving family’s private pain.

“Her father was having an affair at the end of her 6th grade. Her father married the woman he had an affair with and moved her into the house,” Parlapanides wrote in an email to the Daily Mail.

“Her grades and choices declined in 7th and 8th grade. We offered her drug rehab and mental services on five occasions but the father refused every time,” he said.

The administrator then sunk deeper into the dark revelation, claiming the alleged affair played a role in the death of Adriana’s birth mom.

Triantafillos Parlapanides
Triantafillos Parlapanides said that Adriana Kuch’s mental health spiraled after her father had an affair.
YouTube/Jersey Matters
Adriana Kuch
The superintendent alleged that Adriana Kuch was using drugs.
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Michael Kuch
Michael Kuch denied the superintendent’s claims that the district offered his daughter drug counseling.


“We tried helping her several times but mother’s suicide was a major reason she started making poor choices,” the school official said. 

Adriana took her own life in a closet two days after a video was posted online of a group of girls attacking her in a school hallway Feb. 1 — hitting her with a water bottle and taunting her as she walked with her boyfriend in a school hallway.

The superintendent’s comments came after he appeared to defend the school — and possibly the bullies who beat Kuch — in a Facebook post.

“There are two sides to every story and when was the last time you were at Central,” Parlapanides responded after an angry parent said he’d never send his children to the school following Adriana’s brutal bullying.

Adriana’s heartbroken dad, Michael Kuch, denied drug counseling was offered to his daughter, who she said had merely been experimenting with a weed vape like plenty of other teens her age.

Adriana Kuch beating video
Days before taking her own life, a video showed Kuch being beaten with a water bottle in the school building.

“He’s pretty much blaming her,” Kuch told The Post in response to the superintendent’s statements.

“My daughter was attacked in your school and you did nothing. And now you want to blame this on everyone else except yourself because you failed and you suck at your job,” he railed.

“You should probably resign and maybe even become a greeter at Walmart. I don’t give a sh–t.,” he fumed.

Kuch told The Post Parlapanides was showboating for the media — and insisted the tragic death of Adriana’s mom was unrelated to his daughter’s suicide.

“Adrianna’s mother’s passing seven years ago has nothing to do with why she has passed now,” Kuch said. “One thing has nothing to do with the other.”

Kuch said he met with Parlapanides on Monday,  but the superintendent declined to discuss the events leading to Adriana’s eath — insisting instead they talk about his son Ethan’s integration back to school.

“I said, ‘I’m not f–king here to talk about my son Ethan. My daughter is dead. Why the f–k would I talk about him right now?’” he recounted.

Kuch — who has previously criticized school officials for failing to protect his daughter — acknowledged the teen’s mother had battled addiction and died tragically in 2015.

Earlier this week,  Parlapanides defended the school’s decision not to call police after Adriana was beaten, saying it was against school policy, and insisting the bullies involved were suspended and would’ve suffered a “double whammy” if educators called cops.

A wake for friends and family was scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday.

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