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Alison Brie has been busy lately, both on-screen and off, co-writing meaty parts for herself in such off-kilter romantic dramedies as “Spin Me Round” (penned with director Jeff Baeza, the husband of co-star Aubrey Plaza) and the new film “Somebody I Used to Know.” As with “Spin,” “Somebody” starts off on a predictable track before deviating off course, in a way that’s more deeply satisfying. Brie’s reality TV host Ally suffers her show’s cancellation, heading back to her childhood home — the picturesque Bavarian-themed tourist town of Leavenworth, Wash. — to lick her wounds, only to discover that her old flame Sean (charmer Jay Ellis of “Insecure”) may not quite have completely extinguished the torch he once carried for her, despite Sean’s impending nuptials with a younger punk rock singer (Kiersey Clemons). Ally, as one might expect, sets out to “see this thing through,” as she puts it, but the film thankfully has other plans, taking us on a journey about being one’s authentic self that swims refreshingly against the stream. Sean’s multiethnic extended family and friends are appealingly kooky, in a way that feels warm and unforced, with special notice going to Olga Merediz as Sean’s mother and Danny Pudi as the levelheaded friend of both Sean and Ally. Call it Valentine’s Day counterprogramming: a love story that is not about star-crossed destiny, but about making room in your life for the people you love to get what they want, too. R. Available on Prime Video. Contains sexuality, graphic nudity, coarse language throughout and brief drug use. 106 minutes.

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