Murdaugh’s surviving son reportedly testifying in defense

Alex Murdaugh’s only surviving son is reportedly set to testify Tuesday to help his dad deny blasting to death his wife and other son.

Buster Murdaugh, 26, is expected to be called as the defense’s first witness Tuesday when his 54-year-old father’s trial resumes in South Carolina, a source familiar with the case told CNN.

The red-headed son has been a constant presence in the courtroom — once even getting admonished by the judge for allegedly flashing an obscene hand gesture at one of the witnesses testifying against his dad.

It is not immediately clear what evidence he will give to help his dad’s defense.

He was not at the family’s Colleton County home when his mom Maggie, 52, and troubled brother Paul, 22, were shot dead on June 7, 2021.

Buster, left, with mom Maggie, brother Paul and dad Alex.
Buster, left, with mom Maggie, brother Paul and dad Alex.

However, he was one of the first people his dad tried calling after alerting 911 to his wife and son’s bullet-ridden bodies, and Buster also tried calling his mom after the alert, according to a detailed timeline released by investigators.

Buster also took a central role in one of the most bizarre incidents after the double murders — when his dad tried to get a pal to murder him in a con to cash in $10 million life insurance for him.

That scandal was not initially supposed to be mentioned during the murder trial, but was allowed once Murdaugh’s own layers first referred to it.

Paul, Maggie, Alex and Buster.
Alex tried to get himself killed to cash in a $10 million life insurance for his surviving son, Buster, right.

The report of Buster Murdaugh’s planned testimony comes as his father’s lawyers have yet to indicate if the disgraced legal scion will take the stand.

Prosecutors called 61 witnesses and introduced more than 550 pieces of evidence over 17 days of testimony — much of which appeared to challenge Murdaugh’s claims that he was not at the house when his wife and son were shot dead.

The now-disbarred lawyer has always denied the murders.

Alex Murdaugh mugshot.
The once-powerful legal scion denies murdering his wife and youngest son.

He faces roughly 100 other charges, including stealing cash from clients and his family’s once-powerful law firm, all alleged crimes that emerged after the double-slaying put the spotlight on him and his family.

Legal experts suggest those charges could stop him from wanting to testify during the murder trial, because it could open him up to be quizzed about them, painting him in a bad light.

Murdaugh faces 30 years to life if convicted of murder.

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