Las Vegas nightlife expands entertainment offerings after Taylor Swift performs at Super Bowl

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, is playing in the Super Bowl Sunday

Taylor Swift’s choice to travel to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl in support of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, has altered the nightlife experience for fans.

Fox News Digital confirmed that Swift plans to be in Las Vegas for the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on February 11. The “Midnights” singer is even making plans for how she’ll spend her time in Nevada, the source added.

Taylor Swift is currently regarded as one of the biggest stars in the world, primarily attributed to the astounding success of her record-breaking Eras Tour and the release of her latest music.

Las Vegas nightlife

“That’s the case at this moment,” Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority, told FOX Business. “And she’s not just No. 1. It’s like, ‘Where’s No. 2?'”

“So, the attention she brings wherever she goes, certainly to the NFL and now the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, just amplifies that spotlight tremendously.”

Las Vegas is gearing up for the potential influx of Taylor Swift fans who may travel to the city to partake in the festivities.

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“If you look through virtually every property, in one way, shape, or form, they’re connecting to the Taylor Swift phenomenon,” Hill explained. “This could involve selling T-shirts, serving her favorite wine at a venue, or offering a menu at a restaurant featuring food themed after her.”

“She’s known for several iconic songs,” he continued. “So, people are incorporating those songs into their offerings. All of these hooks can be found throughout the city at this point. And as the weeks go on, people are becoming even more creative.”

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The Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas has introduced a Taylor Swift-themed cocktail to its Super Bowl lineup. Customers have the option to show their support for their favorite teams with drinks like the San Francisco Gold Rush Martini and the Kansas City Horsefeather, or they can opt to celebrate their favorite artist with the Lavender Haze, a cocktail inspired by a song from Swift’s “Midnights” album.


Las Vegas visitors can also participate in Taylor Swift-themed bets, including Station Casinos’ STN Sports team’s prop bet: Will Travis Kelce has more receptions in the championship game than his pop star girlfriend’s total number of 10 platinum albums?

Hotels are also getting in on the Taylor Swift craze. The Silverton Casino Lodge is offering the “87/89 Big Game package,” which includes a “Go Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” T-shirt and 13 red roses in honor of Swift’s favorite number. Fans can also enjoy some of the pop star’s reported favorite drinks, including a caramel non-fat latte from Starbucks and a bottle of white wine.

The Super Bowl weekend in February typically already attracts more people to Vegas, but Swift brings in a distinct crowd.


“You have Taylor Swift bringing a unique energy even to that,” Hill explained. “Which is quite challenging to achieve. It’s truly a remarkable phenomenon. But it’s a phenomenon nonetheless, and it attracts a much broader group of people.”

“Sports have generally achieved that for Vegas, where we’re able to attract a group of people who might not have been interested in visiting Vegas, but because their team is playing here, they’re inclined to give Vegas a try,” Hill explained. “It’s expanded our audience. Taylor Swift has amplified that effect for the NFL.”

Hill pointed to Swift’s time in Las Vegas for her Eras Tour as an example of what she can bring to the city. The musician sold out her two shows at Allegiant Stadium in March, making her concerts the top-selling events of the year in Vegas, according to StubHub. Following Swift’s success, the Las Vegas Grand Prix F1 event and U2’s Achtung Babe residency at the Sphere also saw significant attention.

“There’s simply nobody else out there like her right now,” Hill noted. “And with the convergence of the NFL and the allure of Vegas, Taylor Swift elevates the profile and, frankly, makes it more enjoyable. It truly creates lasting memories.”

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