Kate Moss’ sister credits OnlyFans for giving her confidence back

Lottie Moss praises the adult subscription site for giving her ‘so much freedom’

lottie-moss Kate Moss' sister

Lottie Moss, half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, is proud of her work with Only Fans.

Moss, 26, initially joined the adult subscription site in 2022. While she is now focusing more on her acting career with a new role in “April X,” Lottie cherishes her experiences in front of the camera for her fans.

“When I first started doing it, I loved it and it gave me so much freedom and gave me so much confidence,” she told Fox News Digital exclusively. “And, while I’m doing it I can embrace my femininity and be proud of who I am.”

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Moss added, “I think I lost a lot of confidence in myself when I was modeling because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, wondering if you’re tall enough, thin enough, or whatever.

“But just with fans, you don’t have to fit any of those molds. Just be yourself and people will appreciate you for whatever it is.”

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Moss believes that her time working on the photo-sharing site “was what I needed.”

“At that point in my life, I was in a really bad place with modeling and my mental health and this helped me get back on track,” she says. “Now I’ve got my confidence back. Well, I can move on now. I can get on with other things in my life.”

kate-moss-sister- Lottie Moss said OnlyFans helped her embrace her femininity

She admits there are some misconceptions about working at Fans Only because of its “taboo” reputation.

“Only fans are very beneficial for many single mothers because they can work from home, take care of their children, earn a significant income, and… it gives many people opportunities to showcase their talents. It’s like TikTok in today’s world,” she said.

“It’s a creative platform where you can showcase different sides of your personality and different aspects of your life. You never know people will appreciate it,” she comments.

She continued, “I’ve met a lot of women who’ve been promoted only by fans. I find it disturbing that it’s somewhat taboo in today’s society. Many models participate in nude shoots for publications like Vogue and it’s accepted, but when it comes to fans only, it looks different. Similarly, many actresses do nude scenes or intimate scenes in movies, which is considered acceptable. But somehow, not just fans. I don’t understand it. However, I believe we are progressing. A world where women and people are allowed to embrace their sexuality more openly. side.”


Her film debut, “April X,” was a pleasant surprise and the transition from working online to being on a film set was seamless. Mas was in Bali when he got the call to join the film.

“I want to try something new. I want a challenge,” she said. “I participated in many plays as a child, participating in various theater productions. However, I did not pursue it as I soon switched to modeling.”

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve never had the chance,” expressed Moss. “I want to get to the end of my career and feel like I’ve tried everything. You never know if you can excel until you try something like this.”

Moss initially gained attention in American Vogue as one of Kate’s bridesmaids at her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince. Three years later, she landed a modeling contract and began posing for brands such as Calvin Klein, the same label Kate famously represented in the 90s.

Moss later landed her own first Vogue cover in 2016. Her circle of celebrity connections is extensive and she has been seen alongside Bella Hadid, Daisy Lowe (daughter of Gavin Rossdale), and Iris and Rafferty Law (children of Jude Law).


In 2022, she faced criticism after advocating nepotism in a post she shared on X, which was later deleted. Moss shares the same father, Peter Moss, with Kate, who celebrated her 50th birthday in January.

“I’m tired of people attributing their lack of wealth, fame or success to nepotism. Although it’s unfair that people from famous families often benefit, life isn’t fair. If you set your mind to something, you can achieve it,” she wrote at the time.

Moss later admitted that she didn’t want to share her thoughts too soon. “I believe I’m trying to convey something that’s not so visible,” she says. “There are people in life who get preferential treatment. Life is not fair.”

“I have very wealthy friends who have parents who buy apartments for them. They don’t have to worry about rent or bills at all. Honestly, I feel more unfair than Kate’s sister. My sister never gave me money. , nor did my parents. I was 15 years old. Working from,” she explained.

She explained that it was difficult to witness people benefiting from kinship in various forms, with parents providing them with everything, including cars and private education.

“I paid for the private school I went to,” Lottie commented. “I started working when I was 15. Sure, I got a few jobs because of my sister’s name. But I would appreciate more financial support. I’m jealous of my friends who have houses bought for their friends. I want a house, but not one for myself. My parents should buy it.”

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