Jim Boeheim lashes out after Syracue’s latest tight loss

Syracuse fell to sixth-ranked Virginia, 67-62, at home Monday night in a hard-fought battle from the Orange. This down-to-the-wire type of loss has been an ongoing trend for Syracuse of late, dropping games to Miami and North Carolina by four points earlier this month.

In typical Jim Boeheim fashion, the legendary coach was not exactly thrilled during the post-game press conference — and definitely not made any happier by a reporter asking about the status of starting forward Benny Williams, who didn’t even attend the game.

“Is that your question?,” Boeheim snapped. “That’s the most important question you have?”

He continued by insulting the reporter’s attitude before answering the question with some extra snarl.

“Benny took a personal day, he will be back at practice on Wednesday,” Boeheim said before concluding. “That’s it? We have that question, that’s all we have? Typical in Syracuse,.”

This continues an on-going feud with Syracuse media, who has seen a grumpy Boeheim take the podium more than once this month.

After the team suffered a gut-wrenching loss to North Carolina last Tuesday, where it had the lead with 19 second left, Boeheim was in no mood to face reporters.

“Uh, we’re done,” he said with a sarcastic smile and walked out after being asked why his team can’t close out big games.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, left, gives instructions to guard Justin Taylor
Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim has said ‘there’s a plan’ for him to step down from the program.

It’s the latest example Syracuse fans have of the Hall of Fame coach’s insolent behavior. The end of his tenure is nearing, though Boeheim played coy last March, only telling ESPN Radio in Syracuse that “there’s a plan” for his retirement, however he has yet to divulge what that is.

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