Francis Suarez, former Miami mayor and presidential candidate, endorses Donald Trump

Suarez vowed to boost Trump with Hispanic, young, and urban voters

Francis Suarez, former Miami mayor and presidential candidate

Miami Mayor and former Republican presidential candidate Francis Suarez announced his endorsement of former President Donald Trump for re-election this year on Friday.

In an early morning post on X, Suarez, who leads one of the largest cities in the U.S. with a significant population of Hispanic Americans, pledged to assist Trump and the Republican Party in gaining support among Latino, young, and urban voters.

“After observing both our current President and President Trump at the border, and having visited there myself last week, it is clear to me that the only candidate capable of keeping our country safe, securing our border, reducing inflation, and effectively leading our nation forward is President Donald J. Trump,” Suarez wrote.

“For these reasons, I am endorsing President Trump today. I am eager to assist in campaigning on his strong record and highlighting the contrast with the current administration’s. I am particularly excited about aiding President Trump and the Republican Party in attracting a larger share of Hispanic and young voters, as well as voters from our cities and urban centers,” he added.

Suarez’s endorsement comes in the wake of polling indicating a decline in support for the Democratic Party among Hispanic voters. This includes a Gallup poll released last month, which revealed that Republicans were trailing the community by only 12 points, the lowest margin since 2011.

The same poll also indicated that younger voters are supporting Democrats at their lowest level in nearly two decades.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released in January, Biden’s support among Hispanic voters had dropped from 59% to 34%.

Suarez’s endorsement also follows a day after Trump and President Biden held competing events at the southern border. Biden faced criticism for selecting Brownsville, Texas for his visit, as it is less impacted by the migrant crisis compared to Eagle Pass, Texas, where Trump visited.

Suarez launched his presidential campaign in June of last year but was the first candidate to withdraw from the race in August. He struggled to gain traction among voters and donors and did not qualify for the initial presidential debate.

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