Delta passenger says flight attendant told wife she had ‘stupid face’

A passenger aboard a Delta flight from Orlando to the Big Apple accused a flight attendant of telling his wife she had a “stupid face” after the couple tried using a first-class overhead bin.

Thomas Todd took to Twitter to complain about the Nov. 7 incident aboard Flight 1260, saying he and his wife were kicked off the plane before it took off for La Guardia.

“This out of control flight attendant verbally assaulted, threatened us, and had us wrongly removed from our flight back in November,” he wrote in a Jan. 30 post that has since gone viral.

The confrontation began after the couple reportedly placed their items in the first-class bins because those in their section were full.

Todd shared a video he took of the flight attendant after the alleged confrontation.

Delta flight attendant
A Delta flight attendant allegedly told Thomas Todd’s wife, Jen, that she had a “stupid face” after the couple put their luggage in first-class overhead bins.
Twitter / @TTTwitty74

“I have you on video saying my wife has a stupid face,” Todd is heard saying.

“I don’t care,” the crew member replies. “Don’t do it, because I will turn this plane back and get you off … don’t press my buttons.”

The flight attendant adds: “You’re being rude. Rude, since the moment at the back.”

Todd told View from the Wing that ansafety video about to start when the flight attendant told him he “might learn something” by watching her.

“I pointed out that I was indeed watching the TV in front of me to the left,” he said.

“So then she looks at Jen and says, ‘Don’t look at me with that stupid face.’ Jen looks at her and ask her what she just said and then the lady says that she is from the Bronx and you don’t want this,” Todd told the outlet.

“The only thing Jen was doing is smiling. So at this point I started to video her. …[She] informed us we would be kicked off the plane and that I was not allowed to video her,” he added.

Delta flight attendant
Todd posted video of the flight attendant, who is seen before he and his wife were removed from the La Guardia-bound plane.
Twitter / @TTTwitty74

Overhead bin in first class
The bins in first class have signs indicating that they are reserved for passengers in that section.

Todd said they eventually returned to the gate, where several people removed them from the flight because the crew member felt “unsafe.”

He said on Twitter that Delta asked him to remove his posts “so they could take care of us,” but complained that he has been waiting since November for compensation.

“We did everything they ask and all we got in return is ‘we appreciate your patience’ and them dragging their feet. @Delta it’s time to do the right thing!” he wrote.

The couple was rebooked on another flight and upgraded to first class, according to View From the Wing.

Delta airliners on tarmac
The couple was reportedly rebooked on another flight and upgraded to first class.
AFP via Getty Images

A Delta rep told the outlet: “We apologize for the delay in travel for all customers on flight 1260 from Orlando to LaGuardia on Nov. 7, 2022, after the flight crew made the decision to deplane some customers shortly after departure.

“Those customers were rebooked on another Delta flight and we’ve been in contact with this party to further apologies and compensation,” the spokesperson added.

Footage of the crew member allegedly insulting Jen Todd was not seen online.

Several Twitter users sided with the flight attendant, suggesting Todd was hiding something.

“I bet you anything that there’s more to the story, leading up to their boarding, complaining about no overhead bins,” one user write.

“I bet you they knew what they were doing and they filmed it at the precise moment that they knew they would get a response out of the flight attendant,” another said.

Antoher commented: “Don’t put your luggage in first class when you don’t pay for first class.”

Delta did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Post.

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