‘Dangerous’ abortion pills are on the black market, says pro-life group

Women experience trauma through at-home abortions, ‘PreBorn!’ says

abortion pills
Pro-life activists march on January 20, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

According to the pro-life organization “PreBorn!,” women are increasingly resorting to the internet to acquire “dangerous” abortion pills.

The organization, with a mission to “save babies and souls,” highlighted that many women are turning to Telehealth and the black market to obtain abortion drugs without the necessary medical supervision from their doctors.

Dan Steiner, speaking to FOX News, mentioned that “Over half of the abortions in America, 54% at least, are chemical abortions, procured over the internet.” He expressed concerns about the proliferation of illegal abortion sites, stating that this exposes women to the risks of unregulated and potentially hazardous do-it-yourself abortion practices. Steiner emphasized the significance of having a doctor’s supervision during what he described as a major abdominal surgical procedure, expressing concern that the lack of medical oversight denies women crucial information about the progression of their pregnancy.


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Roxy Lamorgese, the executive director, and Steiner emphasized that when a woman undergoes an abortion at home, she often experiences “trauma” due to the emotional challenge of having to dispose of her baby.

Describing the evolving landscape, the organization founder highlighted, “The abortion clinic of today and tomorrow is your neighbor’s teenage daughter’s bathroom.” He shared the story of a young lady who resorted to using an illegal overseas abortion website, illustrating the concerning trend of individuals seeking abortion services outside of regulated and supervised healthcare facilities.

Describing a harrowing situation, the founder shared a heartbreaking account: “When her parents left, she took the chemical coat hanger and (after) the hours of bloody trauma, … delivered her baby deceased, dead on her bathroom floor.” He expressed the distressing reality that women in such situations are left with the difficult decision of how to handle the remains of their aborted child, facing emotional challenges that are exacerbated by the nature of chemical abortions.

Lamorgese added that women are often not provided with an “informed choice” regarding the true impact of the abortion pill on their bodies. This underscores concerns about the lack of comprehensive information and support for women making decisions about their reproductive health.

Lamorgese clarified the importance of having an “informed choice” before undergoing any medical procedure. She emphasized that truly informed decision-making requires access to comprehensive information, expressing concern that this essential aspect is being overlooked. Women, she noted, are often resorting to accessing abortion services independently, online, or through the black market, posing significant dangers.

Steiner added that abortion pills also “enable” sexual predators, as they can impregnate women and easily turn to abortion as a means of avoiding responsibility. This raises concerns about the potential misuse of abortion pills in cases involving coercion or manipulation, highlighting the complex ethical and societal considerations surrounding the accessibility of such medications.

“Preborn!” Supports couples navigating crisis pregnancies by offering a variety of services, including ultrasounds, baby supplies, parenting classes, trade classes, and financial assistance.

Roxy Lamorgese told FOX News Digital of the organization’s mission, “It’s about truth, love, compassion and action.” She emphasizes the goal of making people aware that they care, has people who support them, and can empower them to make positive choices for a sustainable future. The organization strives to provide practical help and emotional support to those facing challenging situations during pregnancy.

Steiner offered reassurance to women facing a crisis during pregnancy, emphasizing that they are “not alone.” He encouraged those experiencing regret after abortions to seek help for healing.

In the broader context, he expressed a perspective on the ongoing societal and moral challenges, stating, “We are in the battle of the ages and a battle for the soul of our nation.” Despite occasional setbacks, Steiner affirmed his belief that God has not finished with America and the issues surrounding abortion. He asserted that right will ultimately prevail, urging people to take a clear and resolute stance by supporting pro-life legislation, pro-life legislators, and organizations that provide practical care for women. Steiner emphasized that hope persists, and America is not beyond redemption.

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