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My Dad the Bounty Hunter (TV-Y7)

Stellar series about siblings who learn a secret; some violence.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter” is an animated series about siblings who discover that their dad is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Violence is cartoonish but does include space battles, hand-to-hand combat and weapon use. The series centers on a Black family who have a range of skin tones and body shapes, all with unique abilities and characteristics that aren’t stereotypical. (10 22-minute episodes)

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (TV-Y7)

Charming superhero show shines; mild fantasy violence.

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is an animated series based on comic book characters. Laurence Fishburne is a producer and voice, and the episodes feature many celebrity cameos as well. Moon Girl (voice of Diamond White) is a teen superhero, and there’s some mild fantasy violence and peril. No realistic weapons are used, but Moon Girl invents fantastical gadgets like mechanical boxing gloves that punch villains and a bubble shooter that traps baddies in bubbles. Villains threaten Moon Girl and her friends, and some scenes are tense, but it never feels like Moon Girl is in actual peril. In Moon Girl’s civilian life as Lunella, she experiences some mild bullying (getting teased for being smart) and social media “trolling.” There’s mild profanity like “butt” and “dumb,” and gentle insults between Moon Girl and the villains. (17 22-minute episodes)

Available on Disney Plus.

Book-based series has lots of chilling, ghostly adventures.

Lockwood & Co.” is a thrilling, live-action adaptation of the hit book series of the same name by Jonathan Stroud. It follows a trio of ghost-hunting rule breakers as they solve mind-bending paranormal mysteries around London. The show is packed with ghostly mysteries, suspense and exciting action. Chilling sequences often take places in dark or haunted spaces where the characters interact with scary ghosts. Death, extreme pain and being in the comatose-type state called “ghost-locked” are all presented here. Language includes words like “damn” and British curses such as “bloody hell.” (Eight roughly 45-minute episodes)

Your Place or Mine (PG-13)

Cast is a draw in likable rom-com; language, sexual situations.

Your Place or Mine” is a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. Adults kiss and are seen lying together in bed, but no private parts or explicit sexual activity is shown. Couples do strip off layers of clothing and lie on top of each other, and a woman is seen in her bra while a man goes to bed (alone) in his underwear. Adults also drink beer, wine and champagne, and one of the main characters has been to rehab twice. There’s also mention of drunk parents and a “bong fire.” A boy is knocked down in hockey and winds up in the hospital with concussion symptoms. Themes revolve around middle-aged adults rediscovering youthful passions and getting back to original life plans after practical jobs, lost loves, substance abuse and/or parenting have taken them down different paths. Language includes “f—,” “s—,” “a–,” “a–hole,” “damn,” “hell,” “butt crack,” “butthole,” “screw that,” “jerk” and “idiot.” (111 minutes)

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