Canadian school gets bomb threat over teacher’s fake breasts

Students at a Canadian high school are still being subjected to violent bomb threats — months after images of their transgender shop teacher wearing gigantic fake breasts first went viral.

Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario has received multiple bomb threats and warnings of gun violence since late last year when the saga involving teacher Kayla Lemieux wearing Z-cup prosthetics to teach class erupted.

“For some of the kids, because there have been so many bomb threats it has just become part of their day, which is terrifying in itself,” enraged Oakville parent Celina Close told The Post this week.

“During the class day the teachers do bomb searches in the classroom, looking under the desk and opening up staplers.”

Pictures and videos of Lemieux sparked serious complaints from parents.
Since Kayla Lemieux went viral, parents say bomb threats have become the norm at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario.
Nick Kozak for NY Post

The most recent threat was made anonymously online on Wednesday, the school’s acting principal, Steve Oliver, said in an emailed alert to parents.

“Our school has received an anonymous threat online – we understand this is unsettling to hear and we appreciate the concerns you have,” the alert said.

“Classes continue as scheduled and Halton emergency protocols are being followed as we move forward cautiously.”

The threat was titled “we placed several bombs all over your school,” and made specific threats against Lemieux and two other school officials, according to the National Post.

Oakville Trafalgar High School
The most recent threat to Oakville Trafalgar High School was made anonymously online on Wednesday.
Nick Kozak for NY Post

Kayla Lemieux on a street in a gilet
Kayla was spotted wearing men’s clothing when out of school
Nick Kozak for NY Post

Another layer of mystery was added to the story this week when a neighbor told The Post Lemieux rarely wears prosthetic breasts outside of school, and was photographed dressed in male clothes running errands.

Rishi Bandhu, a lawyer whose ninth-grader goes to the school, described the saga involving Lemieux’s attire as extremely “disruptive.”

“I can say that this has been extremely trying and disruptive to parents who did not expect to send their kids into a learning environment characterized by chaos, controversy and inappropriately dressed teachers,” he told The Post.

“It is not the learning environment that I want for my children, though I have no issue with transgendered teachers.  They simply must be dressed professionally.”

Bandhu dismissed Lemieux’s huge prosthetic breasts as “fetish wear”, adding that it was an “over-the-top expression of style.”

“It confuses and distracts children and is potentially harmful to their sexual maturity. It has no place in a school — it can be worn during his private time, at a bar, club or other place that does not require a professional standard of dress.”

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux was spotted outside the school earlier this week wearing her Z-cup prosthetics.
Nick Kozak for NY Post

One alert sent out from the school to parents on Nov. 17 specifically mentioned a “bomb and gun violence” threat. It acknowledged the school was the subject of “significant attention” in the wake of photos of Lemieux in class making international headlines.

“The threats received today, yesterday, and in September have been issued by people emailing threats with the intention of creating a feeling of unease and fear,” the email warning stated.

“We are also cognizant of the fact that these threats may be the result of copycatting, given the significant media attention. The unfortunate decision by individuals to deliberately harass and intimidate others is abuse and an erosion of personal safety and trust.”

Kayla Lemieux
Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario has received multiple bomb threats after images of transgender shop teacher, Kayla Lemieux, started going viral.

After the school received a bomb threat on Dec. 15, parents received an alert saying the building was being monitored on a 24-hour basis.

Police cars have been spotted outside the school on multiple occasions in recent months.

Still, the school has repeatedly tried to reassure concerned parents, telling them in multiple alerts that they “believe these threats lack credibility and are more rooted in hateful mischief than high-level risk.”

“As our school continues to receive anonymous threats online – we understand this is very unsettling to hear and we appreciate the concerns you have,” the alerts continued.

The Halton Regional Police Service didn’t immediately respond to The Post on Friday regarding the threats.

The ongoing threats against the school come as the Halton District School Board continues to spark outrage for allowing Lemieux to remain in the classroom while wearing her huge prosthetic breasts.

Students at Halton School District were also “threatened with suspension” if they were caught taking any photos or videos of the shop teacher.

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