Following An Apology, Britney Spears Scolds Her mom Lynne to ‘go F*** yourself’

Britney Spears Scolds Her mom Lynne: Britney Spears’ mother Lynne spears has told her to “go f***k” after apologizing for any “pain” the singer has endured during her 13-year conservatorship.

The “Toxic” singer reflected on her years of medical treatments and a “psych ward” after she once again rejected her family’s act of atonement Wednesday.

Britney Spears Scolds Her mom Lynne to 'go F*** yourself'
Britney Spears Scolds her mom. Credits to : Britney spears/Instagram

“For 13 years, I had to see doctors weekly to make my past worse!!!” Britney started her memo.

Everyone in my family, including my brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and the whole audience…… stoned their asses or drunk !!! I know my mother is an f-king saint that I’m afraid to move or my father will put me somewhere if I don’t cooperate … even in the free country of America 🇺🇸 !!!!” she continued.

The “Crossroads” star, 40, says the years “go by” and that her father, Jamie Spears, still has her locked up.

“Not a single mother stood up for me!!! Mom takes your forgiveness and go away!!!” She concluded. “And to all the doctors for f-king with my mind… I pray you all to burn in hell!!! Kiss my mother kings ass 😊 !!!!”

In Britney’s caption, she quotes Rita Mae Brown, “Happiness is the absence of a bad memory.

They were able to talk after Lynn publicly begged her daughter to forgive her and unblock her just days after the “Gimme More” performer’s rejection.

“I’m sorry for your trouble! I’ve been forgiven for years! ” Lynne, 67, wrote in an Instagram comment last Saturday.

“I love you so much and miss you!” She continued, “Britney, you know how much I love and miss you! I apologize for anything and everything that has hurt you! “

A source close to Lynne exclusively told Page Six that the Spears matriarch was “trying, trying, trying to get close” on the phone with Britney at the time and felt “helpless,” leaving her with “no choice but to lean in.” Social Media.”

However, a source close to Britney indicated that despite Lynne’s “love,” she is still requesting more than $600,000 in legal fees from her daughter.

Britney has been speaking her truth since a Los Angeles judge revoked her conservatorship in November 2021, nearly five months after Grammy winner Jamie, 70, claimed in court that he committed her to a mental health facility against her will and forced her to stay. the trip

Britney Spears Scolds Her mom

yes, it’s a talk of social media.

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