Americans equally concerned about Biden, Trump classified docs: poll

Americans are equally concerned about classified documents found at the homes of President Biden and former President Donald Trump, a poll released Sunday found. 

According to the survey, 67% of respondents find it “concerning” sensitive materials were found at Biden’s former office at the Penn Biden Center and his Delaware home — the same percentage similarly described the docs discovery at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home and resort.

The NBC News poll found in the Biden case, 33% say the discovery is “very concerning” while 18% say it is “not concerning.”

For Trump, 36% deem the materials “very concerning” compared with the 20% who say it is “not concerning.”

Notably, 52% of Democrats say they are concerned about Biden’s documents while 53% of Republicans feel the same about Trump’s docs.

“Neither president gets a pass from their partisans,” GOP pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies told NBC News. 

The poll was conducted between Jan. 20-24, around the time when former Vice President Mike Pence confirmed classified documents were found at his home in Indiana. 

53% of Republicans say they are concerned about Trump’s documents.
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Trump documents.
Documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago.
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The survey also shows that while Biden’s ratings are improving slightly, 50% still disapprove of his job as president, and 40% “strongly disapprove.” 

And as Biden appears poised to announce a run for re-election, 54% say they don’t believe he has the “necessary mental and physical health” to be president — an increase of 4 points since last January. 

He also gets negative remarks from 49% for competency and “having the ability to handle a crisis,” and 48% for “being honest and trustworthy.”

Biden gets positive marks — 45% — for being “easygoing and likable.”

67% of respondents find it “concerning” sensitive materials were found at both President Biden’s and former President Donald Trump’s proterties.

Voters were asked if they approve of the job President Biden is doing.


Americans were asked what kind of change President Biden has brought to the US.

Americans were asked who they wanted to see taking the lead in setting policy.


But Americans disapprove of his handling of the war in Ukraine (50%), foreign policy (50%), and the economy (61%).

And 70% say the country is headed on the “wrong track,” compared with the 23% who say it’s on the “right track.”

Asked to describe where they believe the country is headed in the next year, 14% say “downhill,” 13% say “disaster/hard times,” 12% say “wrong track,” and 12% say “declining economy,” the survey found. On the positive side, 7% are “hopeful” and 4% say America’s headed in “right direction.”

Republicans, who now hold control of the House after the 2022 midterm elections, don’t get a pass from Americans — even though 47% say they want the GOP to be in control of Congress in 2024. 

Biden's home.
52% of Democrats say they are concerned about Biden’s documents.
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Box of documents.
Documents were found in President Biden’s garage.
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More than half — 54% — think Republicans in Congress will be “too inflexible” in dealing with Biden; 45% believe Biden will be “too inflexible” with GOP members of Congress. 

According to the survey, 48% say they prefer Biden and the Democrats set the tone for policy, compared with 45% who want those decisions made by Republicans. 

Asked their opinion about which issues Congress should focus on, 80% pick addressing immigration by providing a pathway to citizenship; 75% choose taking a harder line on China; 72% say border security; 64% say addressing climate change, and: 49% want more military assistance to Ukraine.

Also, 71% do not want Congress to pass additional abortion restrictions and 65% do not want defense budget cuts. 

The survey also shows 55% of Americans believe Republicans will spend too much time investigating the Biden administration instead of more pressing matters. 

The poll has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. 

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