CNN will be fair to Trump at the first presidential debate, Trump predicts

The presumptive GOP nominee took a swipe at ‘Fake’ Jake Tapper on Logan Paul’s podcast

Former President Trump conveyed optimism regarding CNN’s potential fairness towards him during the first presidential debate. However, he later clarified that he believes there’s only a “good 10% chance” of that occurring.

During Thursday’s episode of Logan Paul’s “IMPULSIVE” podcast, Trump discussed the upcoming political showdown with President Biden set for June 27. He repeatedly insisted that Biden and his campaign did not want the debate to occur and were surprised when he agreed to participate.

“Fake [Jake] Tapper and many others involved with CNN, [the Biden campaign] wanted to be seated, which I didn’t like. I said we should stand, and I think we won that point,” Trump said. “But I would have agreed to whatever, because they didn’t want to do it. They thought I wouldn’t do it because it’s CNN, but I’ve done plenty with CNN. I did a town hall not so long ago with CNN, and it worked out well. But I think they’ll be fair. I think they’re gonna try to be fair. As far as they can be.”

Former President Trump insisted the Biden campaign thought he would turn down a debate hosted by CNN, who he referred to as "the enemy."
Former President Trump insisted the Biden campaign thought he would turn down a debate hosted by CNN, who he referred to as “the enemy.”

“But I think it’s important to have a debate. So [the Biden campaign] said, ‘You want to debate?’ and I replied, ‘Yep, I’ll accept. You don’t even have to tell me.’ Then they mentioned CNN and the different people involved, but let’s see what happens. I used to get along with [debate moderator] Jake Tapper. We’ll see what happens, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it is,” Trump continued.

“That sentiment that CNN might be fair to you is a bit of a departure from your usual hardline stance,” co-host Mike Majlak remarked.

“They might be [fair],” Trump replied. “I’d say a good 10% chance.”

“Do you think you’re starting to come around or soften your views on some of the networks you haven’t gotten along with in the past?” Majlak asked.

“No, they’re fake news. They’re so bad,” Trump responded.

The presumptive GOP nominee then recalled his participation in a CNN town hall last year with anchor Kaitlan Collins.

“I thought they were going to be somewhat neutral, but I was wrong,” Trump said. “As I was getting on and hearing the way I was being introduced, I realized, ‘Hey, these people are playing hardball.'”

Trump was also asked whether he was “surprised” by Biden’s decision to go “face to face” with him in a debate, to which he responded, “A little bit.”

“They didn’t want to do it. They thought I’d turn CNN down. Look, CNN is the enemy, and they thought I was going to turn down CNN and Tapper,” Trump said.

He went on to criticize Tapper for cutting away from his victory speech in January following the New Hampshire primary.

“They’re waiting for the nomination for months and months. I got it most quickly. Nobody’s ever gotten a nomination so quickly. And I’m making my nomination speech, and they refuse to air it,” Trump said. “They’re covering it for months and months. Now I’m making my speech. This is the big night. I won the nomination, and they refused to put it on. These are people that don’t like Trump, but it’s okay because I think it’s important to have a debate or several debates.”

A CNN spokesperson told US Newzs Digital that details of the debate rules and format will be released as the debate approaches, declining to comment further.

The presidential debates were scheduled last month after Biden publicly challenged Trump to debates in June and September, which Trump quickly accepted.

The first debate on June 27 will be co-moderated by Tapper and his CNN colleague Dana Bash. The second debate, hosted by ABC, will be held on September 10 and moderated by anchors David Muir and Linsey Davis.

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