Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt single, looking for top ‘draft pick’

She’ll be adding some glamour to Super Bowl 2023.

Gracie Hunt, the daughter of billionaire Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, is a pageant queen, marathon runner and earning her master’s degree in sports management from the University of Kansas.

And when it comes to the family business of football, the 23-year-old has her sights set high.

“There’s got to be a first female NFL commissioner at some point,” the pigskin heiress told Maxim.

In the lead up to Sunday’s big game, when the Chiefs will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles, the blond posed for a sexy spread in the lad mag.

Currently, she works in marketing and brand development for the franchise and will be present at the NFL Draft, which is being held in her home city in April.

Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt poses for Maxim ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.
Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt poses for Maxim ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.
Gilles Bensimon/MAXIM

“You hear about the war room and there really is a war room,” she said of draft night.

Growing up on Chiefs’ sideline sparked a competitive streak — one she honed on the soccer field with the help of her father, who also owns the MLS team FC Dallas.

“Soccer helped build my relationship with my dad. He was my first coach when I was little and those are sweet memories I’ll always cherish,” said Hunt, who hoped to play in college but quit after sustaining four concussions.

She then transitioned into the pageant world and found herself under the tutelage of her mother Tavia, who was crowned Miss Kansas USA in 1993.

“I went from walking like a tomboy in my soccer cleats to gliding in six-inch pageant stilettos,” she said. Not that this was her father’s first choice.

After her parents got married, “they agreed that none of their kids would do pageants,” she said. “My dad especially wanted us to participate in sports with scoreboards and finish lines and competitions that limit subjectivity.”

In April 2021, she was crowned Miss Kansas USA, 28 years after her mother, who was second runner-up in the national contest.

“My mom ended up taking on a lot of the coaching for the pageant, so I had this wonderful dynamic where my dad was my soccer coach when I was young, and then when I began my pageant journey, my mom was an excellent resource.”

She is now training for the Boston Marathon in April, where she’ll be raising money for the Special Olympics.

Posing for Maxim, Gracie Hunt opens up about her aspirations in the NFL.
Posing for Maxim, Gracie Hunt opens up about her aspirations in the NFL.
Gilles Bensimon/MAXIM

And she’s still single.

“I’m definitely looking for that number one draft pick” she said, adding, “My top three things: does he align with me on a faith basis? Is he athletic? What does his work ethic look like? And if you’re funny with a great personality that’s hard to beat.”

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